Enlightened and Resistance Fireworks

We’ve added a new Beacon type to Ingress: Fireworks. Fireworks can be deployed on any Portal, even a Portal with an existing Beacon or Portal Fracker already deployed, and display on the Target Portal for 10 minutes. Like traditional Beacons, they are visual markers that don’t affect hack output; however, Fireworks have both motion and sound:

  • Enlightened Fireworks x3 (1,000 CMU)
  • Resistance Fireworks x3 (1,000 CMU)

To celebrate this month’s First Saturday on July 4 and to help light up the Portal Network, we’ve also added a free (0 CMU) Fireworks Loadout with 1 Enlightened Firework and 1 Resistance Firework to try the feature. Stay safe, and see you (virtually) this IFS weekend.

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