Drone world race.

KhatreKhatre ✭✭✭✭

As drone are now real I'd love to see a game within the game.

Every cp+1h the drone race world event.

5 minutes before the race every agent can register.

At t - 1 min every registered players are place in their drone mark IV view in a random big city anywhere in the world.

5 sec cooldown and go.

Each agent glyph the starting portal. Portal level gives the next move range.

L1 = 50m, l2 100m ... l8 400m.

If you achieve the glyph sequence you can move to the next portal.

Failed sequence brakes the drone.

After 5 min of race the furthest drone wins.

Each cp+1h5min the race leaderboard would be updated.

And as with current drone mark I, if the portal color change, drone brakes too.

Wouldn't that be fun ?


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