Color Approach for Understanding Nemesis

Dear fellow truthseekers with the release of Requiem tesserae and Lexicon Tesserae, I would like to try to visualize the connections between nemesis, color spectrum, and archetype avatar. I hope this may help all of truthseekers to get a better understanding about Nemesis.

 It is necessary to recall an old memory which was mentioned in Yuri Nagassa / Oliver Lynton-Wolfe Transmission . At 24:29 , Yuri shows this following image :

Figure 1 : 7 Visual Colors Corresponding With Nemesis

 As it was mentioned by Yuri Nagassa, her theory was, there are 7 core member of Nemesis, represented by 7 visual color.

 I Would like also to add other pictures as follow :

Figure 2 : Teased Lucida and Optima Challenge Medal

This picture was released at the beginning of Didact field Challenge (

Figure 3 : Archetype Avatars Currently Available in Scanner

I proposed several foundations related to analysis in Nemesis Identities and their respectable colors :

  1.  The 7 Core members can be recognized by 7 visual colors in figure 1.
  2. Non core members adopting two visual colors which are close to each others. They may also represent the line among the 7 nodes of visual colors. So, it is 7 nodes (core member), added by 6 lines (non-core member) that makes 13 Nemesis.
  3.  The 7 core members apparently symbolize 7 major battles against Nemesis :

(1) Myriad XM Anomaly,

(2) Umbra XM Anomaly,

(3) Hexathlon Field Test,

(4) Perpetua Hexathlon,

(5) Lexicon Hexathlon,

(6) Requiem XM Anomaly

(7) Probably 2nd Field Test (San Francisco, January 24, 2020) or The Tesselation itself.

Considering the above pictures, the proposed foundation, and dropped tesserae, I tried to match each members of Nemesis into Figure 1. Here is the Result :


Figure 4 : Visualization of Nemesis Related Colors.

 I added 4 dummy medals for symbol in the visualization as follows :

1. Helvetica : Blue with “H”.

2. Lexicon : Red with “L”

3. Courier : Green with “C”

4. Unknown : Grey with “?”

 I will try to explain it one by one :

 A. The Core Member

 #1. Purple : Myriad

The first nemesis faced by agents. The purple color can be seen in myriad transmissions and both myriad unique hack and myriad anomaly.

Related Major Battle : Myriad XM Anomaly

Related archetype : The Catalyst


#2. Blue : Helvetica

I deduce it is Helvetica for several reasons :

(1) Helvetica came with blue surroundings before Hexathlon field test in Helvetica Ultimatum Transmission.

(2)Blue is one of two color in hexathlon medal.

(3) Helvetica identity is revealed as Martin Schubert in Helvetica Unmasked Transmission . Interestingly, Schubert archetype is Skeptic and in the scanner it is a solid blue as seen in figure 3.

Related Major Battle : Hexathlon Field Test

Related archetype : The Skeptic


#3. Cyan : Umbra

 It is not difficult to notice that Umbra representing Cyan color, reflected in Umbra Anomaly and Umbra Deploy Challenge medal.

Related Major Battle : Umbra XM Anomaly, October 2019

Related archetype : The Trickster


#4. Green : Several Possibilities

 There are several possibilities of green color :

 (1). Courier. In the Courier Ultimatum transmission, Courier comes with green color. 

(2) . Didact. Didact has green medal and archetype avatar of Dr. Oliver Wynton-Wolfe, the alchemist has green color.

(3). Optima. One color identified in optima medal and transmission is green.

 (4). Unknown member of Nemesis


I put Courier in the first probability for these reasons :

(1) I have no information about the unknown member yet

(2) Didact has 2 colors in the medal of didact field challenge : green and cyan. Initially, I thouth Didact representing green colors as it is shown in the medal and alchemist scanner archetype avatar. But, the 2 spectrum color in didact field challenge medal (green and cyan) really bothers me. In the other side, Didact has more than one spectrum color in Didact Ultimatum Transmission.

 (3) Comparable to Didact, Optima has 2 colors in the teased medal of Optima challenge and Optima Ultimatum transmission : green and yellow.

Related Major Battle : 2nd hexathlon field test (San Francisco, January 2020) or The Tesselation

Related archetype : The Explorer, The Alchemist, The Humanist, or The Omniscient.


#5. Yellow : Perpetua

Perpetua, shown by :

1. Hexathlon Perpetua medal is yellow

2.Perpetua is Yuri Nagassa, The dreamer. The Archetype avatar in agent scanner is also yellow.

Related Major Battle : Perpetua Hexatlon February 24

Related archetype : The Dreamer

Optima may have yellow colors, but compared to Perpetua, Perpetua's yellow color is more significant.

#.6 Orange : Requiem

Requiem, as it is shown by Requiem XM Anomaly medal and Requiem Agenda Transmission.

Related Major Battle : Requiem XM Anomaly. Originally scheduled at May 25, 2020, after Lexicon Hexathlon. It is also the last battle against Nemesis. It was postponed.

Related archetype : The Patron


#7. Red : Lexicon

 Lexicon, as it is shown In the Lexicon agenda and Lexicon departure transmission, lexicon is shown in reddish color .

Related Major Battle : The battle against Lexicon was scheduled at March 28, 2020, after Perpetua Hexathlon, before Requiem Anomaly. It was postponed.

 Related archetype : The Interpreter

Non core member :

Apparently, non core members are represented by color spectrums within lines connecting between two nodes of visible colors. The color representing them is a combination of spectrums between 2 visual colors connected by the line.

 # 8. Line between Purple and blue : Aurora

Aurora Glyph Challenge medal has two color : purple and blue. Aurora identity is Stein Lightman, the Spiritualist. The Spiritualist avatar has purple color .

Related archetype : The Spiritualist


# 9.Line between blue and cyan : Avenir

 Avenir Shard Challenge medal has blue and cyan color. Related archetype : The Visionary


# 10.Line between cyan and green : Didact

Didact Field Challenge Medal has 2 colors : green and cyan. In the Didact Ultimatum Transmission we can see the both colors. We also know that Didact identity is Dr. Oliver Wynton Wolfe, the alchemist whose archectype avatar in scanner is green .

Related archetype : The Alchemist

Courier also has probability here, since in Courier ultimatum Transmission, Courier is surrounded by green color.


#11. Line between Green and yellow : Optima

 It is shown in leaked optima challenge medal and the transmissions of Optima Ultimatum in which Optima is shown between yellow and green, especially in 0:25-0:26 and 0:38-0:40.

Related archetype : The Humanist

Actually, Optima case is where I am more confident about the theory where non-core members are adopting two or more color spectrum between two primary colors. In this case, spectrum between green and yellow. In all other cases, it is very difficult to identify the color spectrum.


#12.Line between yellow and Orange : Unknown member

 The information about this member is limited. Maybe this member will be revealed sooner or later.

 Related archetype : The Explorer or The Omniscient


#.13. Line between orange and red : Lucida

 It is shown in leaked Lucida challenge medal and the transmissions of Lucida Ultimatum and Lucida Departure in which Lucida is shown between orange and red.

 Related archetype : The Listener

Additional note :

1. I prefer to address this visualization as documentation rather than prediction or theory. Before the revelation of all nemesis sequences, the data is incomplete. Everything are shrouded in mystery. So, this is not a conclusion yet, only a documentation and a tool for analysis.

 2. There is a probability I made mistakes while identifying the colors in medals and transmissions. Several colors are very difficult to differentiate. I am self aware that I am not a color expert.

 3. Even though in all unmasked transmissions nemesis identities are revealed to be researchers from both 1218 and Osiris universe, it is still debatable whether it is the real researchers, their doppleganger, simulacra, animated real body or even clone. We will know sooner or later.

 4. I’m sorry for my limited english, I will try to clarify if there is something in my writing that may lead to confusion or ambiguity.

 I would like to express my appreciation for all truthseekers who may correct the error in my analysis and who may add valuable information. I also hope that my analysis and visualization may help you as a tool to a better understanding about Nemesis in the Tesselation. Thank you



  • XOPB16XOPB16 ✭✭

    Good job @MrVerse

  • Wonderful visualization! I found the color spectrum very intriguing as well @MrVerse

  • MegaSteeliXMegaSteeliX ✭✭✭
    edited July 2020

    Nice works!

    It's really confusing that Didact is between cyan and green.

    Some clues showed Didact should be the pure green one (and I believe that):

    1. As we saw in Days 15 &16 in 28Days stories:

    Day 15: Rebellion day

    At an untraceable location, the Humanist assembled the Alchemist, Skeptic and Visionary. They reconciled the differences and laid the groundwork for our rebellion.

    Day 16: Nemesis

    The Trickster turned up next, the Interpreter and Listener close behind. From the remorse of these 7 Nemesis was born, bond to stop all that would repeat their hubris.

    The stories is likely to tell that these archetypes is the Main 7.

    And we now know Didact is the Alchemist.


    the Tessellation board.

    3. That corner in the spectrum map is letter "D".

    But in another hand, as you mentioned there are also many reasons Didact be the line between cyan and green.

    And if all members in Nemesis should be in this map only once, (through it's not so smart to mention faction colors here) I will say the Courier (1218 Hank Johnson) is purely Enlightened and Green.

    Maybe it will be decided only when a Courier badge (Global Challenge or XMA) come out that who actually is Green……

  • MrVerseMrVerse ✭✭✭

    Ah ... actually the word "intriguing" was one word I actually wanted to put in the description, but somehow I missed that word..

  • MrVerseMrVerse ✭✭✭

    Totally agree ... especially about Hank Johnson 1218 is enlightened and the faction color is green, counter part to Helvetica, Martin Schubert a resistance whose archetype is The Skeptic (blue color in scanner). Also about Didact, Originally I think Didact is pure green, the alchemist avatar is pure green .

    Actually I have few question in my mind

    First .... what is the nature of "Missing in Action" status of Courier?

    In popular culture, Missing in Action is associated by several possibilities such as :

    1. "I am completely alive, now I am doing things in shadow and I will appear one day, stronger". (Maybe he is doing something behind)
    2. "I am completely alive, and when I make appearance, it turns out that I am the enemy" (Maybe he is the mole in Nemesis)
    3. "Yes ... I am actually dead". (we will not see him anymore)

    The second question .... in 28 days story, The dreamer (Perpetua), is not mentioned. This is quite problematic for me since Perpetua medal & spectrum in transmission is solid yellow without spectrum. The dreamer archetype avatar also solid yellow. Despite, we have the humanist (Optima) who have 2 spectrum colors (yellow and green) in the medal and transmission. Maybe this is the con of Nemesis? Maybe I made mistake while identifying colors? I'm still finding answer, and I am not really surprised if I made mistakes while identifying colors.

    The third question .... Right now, there are already 12 nemesis made appearance but why is it only 4 of 13 archetype avatars available in agent scanner ? If only we got more confirmed archetype avatars in scanner, we can narrow the probabilities.

    We still have a long road to conclusion. The truth is still out there. Every thing is designed like this .... insufficient data, missing link . But it's OK for me. Maybe it is good to improve our mind and it is good to know great agents who use their intelligence to a wonderful state.

    Salute for your dedication anyway....

  • MrVerseMrVerse ✭✭✭

    By the way, this is the visualization of 7 core member of Nemesis based on 28 days story :

    I hope one day we can have answer why the medal of Didact, Optima, and Lucida is composed of 2 colors. Contrary to Umbra which has solid cyan.

  • MrVerseMrVerse ✭✭✭
    edited July 2020

    Small talk : At the beginning of Nemesis sequence, there was a little dissatisfaction within my factions when some medals resemble other faction color. It takes month for us to understand that it was not about faction color, but it is only a color spectrum of Nemesis.

  • This is amazing work. At least I get a basis point to follow all this lore and understand the decoding I am taking part in. Thanks for your hard work agent.

  • MoogModularMoogModular ✭✭✭✭✭

    Also, Lexicon's puzzle is important to put the archetypes to the Prime Artifact Equation

  • MrVerseMrVerse ✭✭✭
    edited July 2020

    Finally we got the name of the unknown member..... Copperplate..... I can't wait for the release of Copperplate ultimatum or Copperplate agenda Tesserae so that we know what color represented by this member.....

  • Well, I believe the codename, Copperplate, was mentioned first in the ext. intel of tessera "Who Kil(*)led Roland Jarvis?":

    It was Avenir, the Roland Jarvis of Nemesis Node, who had been originally tasked with destroying his Osiris Node counterpart. Avenir had renounced his worshop of the Shapers, but he believed that Osiris Node Jarvis would never do the same; Destroying him was the only option. But Avenir failed in his charge, and Copperplate was forced to step in, ultimately destroying Jarvis's simulacrum in his Enlightened Compound.

    But we knew nothing but the codename itself then. Now we know something more.

  • MrVerseMrVerse ✭✭✭

    Great... That was very valuable information. Really need to dig past information.

    It's Wendy or ADA as Wendy....Matched with the left Archetype : The Omniscient. So it would be the host of ADA, either Wendy or Klue 1218. Just Like you said, we know something more.

  • MrVerseMrVerse ✭✭✭
    edited July 2020

    It is very helpful. This will determine where non-core member placed within spectrum. Apparently non core member is placed in intersection or turning point. The color placed in nodes probably not related to spectrum since this graphic only showing interaction between archetype. But at least, it shows the placement of archetype and it apparently also shows the color representing archetype. (For example, red-orange one, probably Lucida - The listener, the description is "stimulated by sound", a traits that Enoch Dalby has).

    I will try to update the visualization, especially the non core member.

  • MrVerseMrVerse ✭✭✭

    This is the development that I am still working on. I already put the non-core member according to the nodes in Lexicon map. I am quite sure about positions of : Lexicon / The interpreter (Red), Lucida / The Listener (Orange), Optima / The Humanist (Yellow), Didact / The Alchemist (Green), Umbra/The Trickster (Cyan), Helvetica / The Skeptic (Blue), Avenir / The Visionary (Purple), Myriad / The Catalyst (Spectrum between blue and purple), and Aurora / The Spiritualist (spectrum between blue and purple).

    I am still not sure about : Perpetua / The dreamer (it may contains yellow and orange), Requiem / The Patron (It may contains red, orange, or black), Courier / The Explorer (It may contains green or blue) and Copperplate / The Omniscient (It may contains blue, red, or orange).

    It is not final yet. We still need revelation of colors for each archetype to determine the final positioning. At least, We can see connections between several nemesis & archetype with corresponding spectrum of colors.

  • MoogModularMoogModular ✭✭✭✭✭

    I wish more was presented about the Spectrum tessera.

    As we recently saw that it was used to activate the Tessellation.

    Also, really interesting that our new Tessellation has the light spectrum throughout all of the tessera piece locations?

  • MrVerseMrVerse ✭✭✭
    edited August 2020

    That's a great material to study. We have seen some identified spectrum in the tesserae. At least, all archetype have shown their respective colors (each archetype tessera compared to the nemesis representing archetype) . I just realized that some of the tesserae color is different from the spectrum shown in the transmission. The most significant is Copperplate/The Omniscient. The Tesserae color is black but in the Copperplate transmission, the colors appeared on Copperplate/ADA/Wendy face are Red and blue.

    The new spectrum on tesselation also may contain answers about the origin of archetype colors. Let's say the black and the white as example. It is definitely not a mixture between 2 colors of 7 visible light spectrum. Despite, the white is where all color combined and the black is where no color available.

    I will try to find which spectrum configuration is most suitable for explaining the origin of all archetype colors.

    Thank you for introducing me a new perspective for this analysis.

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