Comparing the Catan to the Ingress community

With Catan on the horizon, it has received it's own community forum (, just like Ingress, Harry Potter and Wayfarer. In contrast to the Ingress community however, Catan has a lot more functionality, stuff that I'm not quite sure why it isn't in the Ingress forum too. Lemme start to list a few:

A functional bug report tool

I believe the Wayfarer forum also has that. Let's face it, Ingress is not without bugs, and the current way to report them is... inefficient. Why not use the same bug report system you use on the other forums?


This also seems like a no-brainer to me. One of the main reasons G+ was so beloved is because you could easily create communities for whatever reason you saw fit, be it for local communities, IFS, NL-1331 events or anomalies. All that helped connect agents in an "orderly way" which can't really be replicated by Telegram, Discord or whatever is used currently. In Catan, although you can't actually post in them, you're able to create groups which you can set to either private, public or secret. Those groups would help connect and organize massively in Ingress too. Speaking of connecting:

Community Map

Long ago on, there was also such a community map on the main ingress.con website which linked to various G+ communities. New agents are often confused as to where to ask for help or where to find a community. Even veteran agents who are looking to connect to a specific area often have to search for a long time to find the specific community within that area. As this map supports lots of links to different services (Telegram, Discord, Facebook and the forum itself), I implore you to please think about putting this into the Ingress forum too. You can even create temporary entries that will be deleted from the map once a certain date has passed, perfect for IFS or other events.

Private messages

This one I can kinda understand not being available as some agents are vicious, but still, private messages are way safer then transmitting a message to an agent via COMM. In fact, when the Ingress community first started, the feature was enabled, which probably means @Ishira and I are the only ones who ever sent messages via this forum 😅

I would love to see the forum evolve and have it be a place akin to the old G+ days. Please take those things into consideration, as all forums run on the same software, it shouldn't be too hard to add those things.

@NianticCasey @NianticBrian


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