Enhancement for "Now" Stats Page

Hello, i would like to see more Stats on the "Now" Agent Stat Page. What I really miss are the following Stats:

  • Max time a Portal that is still active was held
  • The same for Links and Fields
  • Longest active Link
  • Largest active Control Field

Because when someone destroys Portals i would like to know if he destroyed the longest active portals/links/fields and for that i have to wait for a week now.

Other Stats that are derived from All-Time Stats i don't need at the moment but can very well be adapted to fit the "Now" Stat Page:

  • Furthest Drone Flight Distance --> Current Drone flight Distance
  • Resonators deployed --> Resonators active
  • Mods deployed --> Mods active
  • Max Link Length×Days --> Max Active Link lengh ×days
  • Largest Field MU×days --> Largest active Field MU×days
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