Stuck on the map after pressing Charge button

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The latest client update has a regression bug where sometimes if you press Charge button from the key, the client gets stuck on the map.

The recharge interface (resonators and charge, boost charge buttons) does not load. The screen has only map and compass. Sometimes there are portals on the map, sometimes the portals are clickable but you can’t get out of this screen.

The only workaround is restarting the app.

Repro steps:

  1. Have a lot of rechargeable keys in locker.
  2. Remove some rechargeable keys from locker.
  3. Recharge one by one.
  4. Move recharged keys back to locker.

Repeat until bug is triggered.

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  • evildaveevildave ✭✭

    This bug has been around for a bit (maybe since 2.48), and there are other ways to trigger it besides recharging. I've set it off by rapidly changing between map, item and key carousels.

  • TeamWarezTeamWarez ✭✭

    The bug is due to loading/unloading keys from lockers/capsules to recharge. I have not observed this in previous versions and I recharge a lot.

  • I have tried to report this several times. It is a major code regression. So what do Niantic do? They force the update and make everyone suffer. Ingress Prime always crashes sooner or later, hope getting to the root cause of this improves things.

  • Thank you for reporting this. We're aware and investigating, and I'll create a known issue thread to consolidate the different reports from Agents.

  • Anyway, why is the remote portal view (map) loaded in the background when recharging a portal? From my point of view, it does not improve the game experience, and appears as a waste of time and bandwidth.

    I recharge regularly (150+ million XM so far), and would be happy if it can be made faster.

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