Aggressive spoofing in central Russia

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An apparent TOS violation is ignored by support and trusted reporters.

Agent YolKree during the world quarantine period in a few days visited his hometown in central Russia, destroyed base portals in neighboring regions, breaking several tens of MILLIONS of mind units, and then he suddenly got to ICELAND, and a few hours later to the northern regions of Russia in Siberia! Outrageous spoofing. Several times it was written in support of trusted reporters, no result. We have not received even a response letter. The Niantic team can independently check all the movements of the YolKree agent and save the game from one brazen spoofer, but I provide you with dates and links to the portals that have suffered from it in recent months. Yes, months, because for months we wait for justice and do not receive it.

18.05.2020 - 22.05.2020 destroyed and deployed these portals more than 3000km away apart.

Russian Vanguard, please help us too.

@NianticBrian@NianticBC@NianticAustin @NianticAndrew@NianticAkshay @Fenyok

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