(Repeat) Feature Idea/Request: Media Locker

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So this idea has been mentioned multiple times in the past but I think it needs to be said again. Similar to the Key Lockers that store keys outside of the normal inventory space, I feel that a similar product needs to be added for Media objects.

For one, media objects are used in the hexathlons, special events, challenges and more. Many agents keep them as a souvenir (similar to souvenir keys) of the event, but these items can't be stored outside of normal inventory so they're inevitably stuck in a Capsule collecting XM dust bunnies while still taking up inventory space.

Secondly, for those Agents involved in the Tessellation event you know how many Media objects we receive nowadays, and how often some of the linked videos/images/texts update, even days or weeks after originally receiving them. Also, the near-innumerable amount of decodings we have done in the past give us Media objects as a form of "victory" medal for that decode. I like having those objects as a means to remember the 'fun' times I and the rest of my team had in decoding. However, again these media objects end up stuck in a capsule until I dig them out again to check the links or refresh my memory on what they attached media is.

Third, if the Media Locker has similar properties to the Key Lockers, it won't be able to be dropped. That way the media stored in it can't all be lost at once like clicking Drop on a capsule at the wrong time.

So, Niantic, I am asking for Media Lockers to become a real thing. In my mind, it would be an independent purchasable item similar to the Key Lockers. They would not tied to the pending Subscription Service. Even though it would be a niche item for fewer agents than the Key Lockers, I still feel that there would be enough interest to make it worthwhile.

Anyone else feel like this could be a good item to have?


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