Long link issues : our experience and how we solved them

weshaleweshale ✭✭
edited June 27 in App Feedback

As many other people, last night we also had lots of problems trying to do two long links ( +2000km both ), we were a team of 12 agents on ground.

As we were aware of the speedlock, agents were told to travel with the app closed.

Also, players had only the two portals keys in their key inventory to avoid issues and speed the linking, but, by chance, some of us had another keys in our inventory apart from those two keys.

When we began, some of us were able to do the long links and some were not. The key didn't show up for them.

Portals were on range, free of link blocks, as I said, some of us could link and others not.

Finally, the team noticed that the players who had some "extra" keys, were the ones able to link, so, every player hacked a key from a nearby linkable portal and suddenly, it worked for all of them with no exceptions.

For all of them, the three keys were able to link, the nearby portal and the long distance portals.

Hope it helps other players and maybe provide some useful feeback to solve this issue :)

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