Long links still giving issues.

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** This is not due to speedlock. This is not due to insufficient link range. This is not due to other rookie mistakes**

**This is not an isolated incident. The reports with the community of not being able to link long range still come up. There may be several causes. Situation below might give some extra insight in cause of one of the bugs**


Portal cap & deployed. I tried to link over 500 km. Linkrange including 2 linkamps was sufficient. It refused (the key did not show up).

I moved to the next portal, Portal cap & deployed. Added 1 linkamp. Linkrange was sufficient. Only keys showed up with linkrange WITHOUT the linkamp.

Kept on trying, both portals kept refusing to link.

Restarted Prime. No improvement.

Restarted phone, restarted Prime. Key of portal to link to showed up.

Portal able to link after restart: https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=52.868464,4.854609&z=17&pll=52.868464,4.854609

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  • Me too. I have had problems with connections for some time. Most of the time, I solve by putting all my keys in capsules, leaving only what I need in the inventory. Sometimes, this trick doesn't work.

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