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We have been through a lot of intense brain exercises since November 2019. The NIA is always searching for any documentation, wrap-ups, and tracking you have done for the Tessellation. These will all become important intel to understand the past, present, and future of our Node.

One of the Agents was generous in sharing the methods of a recent decoding. While these documentations are greatly appreciated, we have also received concerns on how publicly sharing solution at this time might undermine the decoding process for future puzzles. As the decoding process reflects the decoding mindset. As a Truthseeker, I believe in the sharing of intel. to uncover anything the NIA, or Nemesis has been hiding. But when there's still Faction to Faction competition involved, I can see the importance of preserving OPSEC information, and that includes your profiling of the Tethered Hand's style & designs.

Since the announcement of Medals, we are excited to hear about more Agents participating in the decoding. Faction TG channels opened up to more Agents. Publicly sharing the decoding process, on the other hand, might revert each Factions' decoding community back to more exclusive subgroups within subgroups. That is something we do not want to see happen.

For that reason, the NIA has decided they will not be assigning any more Tracker status for publicly sharing puzzle solution before the Finale of the Tessellation. Please do not cease your efforts in keeping track of the solves. You are just highly recommended to pause openly sharing until the Event has concluded, which should be soon. If you have been putting great effort in keeping track of things, but unsure if the NIA, or anyone, is aware, I recommend looking for liaison within your Factions that can contact the NIA. Your contribution brings us closer to the "truth", but looks like we aren't at the point of full revelation, yet.

Last, but not least, as some of you might say, laying all the solutions out in the sun might deprive the fun of puzzle solving for someone else. Thank you for your understanding.



We've received a new question about publishing puzzle solution and Tracker status assignment. The NIA has clarified that there will be at least a week of grace period post-completion of The Tessellation Board. During that time they will reconvene the assigning of Tracker status for publishing puzzle solutions. The main criteria is that, the solutions are original (i.e not copied from others) to the posting Agent/group and complete in decoding procedures. The Ingress Community Forum, any Ingress Agent managed blogs or websites are all valid platform options. Though the NIA look forward to open sharing at that point, but private group blogs are also qualified. This is in hopes of easing the intimidating aspect of decoding, inspiring interest, and further building the community. If we pursue this path, when the time comes for recruiting Decoders for a new Event, I believe both Factions would benefit from the growing decoding society. The specific deadline for Tracker assigning will be updated once the final score is announced.


Deadline for Tracker Status assignment will be July 24th 2020 23:59 UTC.

To restate the criteria, the NIA is looking for, are original, complete, and educational in terms of building the decoding community. Feel free to be creative with graphics, directions, and "spoiler alert" function for final answer in your documentations. The same applies to Lore Documentations as well, since we are now finally openly sharing the previously OPSEC intel. This may be a good chance to update your Lore libraries. Hopefully by the end of this, we can put together a more abundant Ingress Lore & Cryptography Global Resources Archive. It would be great to have something like that as our new onboarding platform for the Agents in the future.

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    Thank you for the information! But had they(NIA) assigned any Tracker for sharing puzzle solution before that?

  • DinDjarinDinDjarin ✭✭✭

    @Truthseeker In other words, there will continue to be assignments of the tracker medal, only that it will not be given for sharing the decoding means?

  • @DinDjarin That is correct.

  • @Truthseeker Gracias por la información, aún se asignarían insignias de rastreador, pero no sé podrá compartir las soluciones de los rompecabezas ¿Habrá alguna sanción por publicar abiertamente las soluciones?

  • DinDjarinDinDjarin ✭✭✭

    Si, van a seguir asignando, pero no por publicar los métodos de desciframiento que se usen, no han dicho nada sobre una penalización a los que vuelvan a hacerlo, pero en mi criterio personal debería; en lo personal me dio coraje ver ese post con los pasos a seguir, no demuestra respeto hacia todos los demás que si lo trabajamos y le dimos horas de nuestro tiempo.

  • Spanish translation


    Hemos pasado por un monton de intensos ejercicios de cerebro desde Noviembre 2019. NIA esta siempre buscando por cualquier documentación, resumenes, y rastreando lo que haz hecho por el Tessellation. Todos estos se convertirán en importante intel para entender el pasado, presente y futuro de nuestro Node.

    Uno de los agentes fue generoso en compartir los metodos de un decoding reciente. Si bien esas documentaciones son grandemente apreciadas, también hemos recibido preocupaciones de como compartir publicamente la solución en este momento podría socavar el proceso de decodificación para puzzles futuros. Como el proceso de decodificación refleja la mentalidad de decodificación. Como Truthseeker creo en compartir el intel, para descubrir cualquier cosa que NIA, o Nemesis han estado escondiendo. Pero cuando aún hay competencia Facción a Facción involucrada, puedo ver la importancia de preservar la información OPSEC, y eso incluye tus perfilamientos de estilo de Tethered Hand y diseños.

    Desde el anuncio de medallas, estamos emocionados de escuchar acerca de más agentes participando en la decodificación. Canales TG de facción se abrieron para más agentes. Compartir publicamente el proceso de decodificación, por otro lado, podría revertir cada comunidad de decodificación de Facción volviendo más exclusivos subgrupos dentro de subgrupos. Eso es algo que no queremos ver suceder.

    Por esa razón, NIA a decidido que ellos no asignarán más Tracker status por compartir públicamente solución del puzzle antes del Final del Tessellation. Por favor no cese sus esfuerzos en mantener segumiento de las soluciones. Estas altamente recomendado a pausar compartir públicamente hasta que el Evento haya concluido, lo que debería ser pronto. Si haz puesto gran esfuerzo en mantener seguimiento de las cosas, pero no estas seguro si NIA, o cualquiera, esta consciente, recomiendo buscar por enlaces dentro de tus Facciones que pueden contactar a NIA. Tu contribución nos acerca a la "verdad", pero parece que no estamos en el punto de completa revelación, aún.

    Lo último, pero no menos importante, como alguno de ustedes podría decir, exponer todas las soluciones podría privar la diversión de resolver puzzles para alguien más. Gracias por su comprensión.

    - PAC

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    Deadline for Tracker Status assignment will be July 24th 2020 23:59 UTC.

    Does the deadline apply to other ways to get Tracker or only puzzle solutions? There was no mention of deadline on On Translations and Tracker Status thread. Also did this deadline not get extended due to release of Hall of Fame lists?

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