Archives: Oliver Lynton-Wolfe Medal

June 2020 features the original Oliver Lynton-Wolfe medal. The Archives: Oliver Lynton-Wolfe Loadout Kit will be available on the in-app Store from Fri, June 26 to Mon, July 6. As you may know, Dr. Lynton-Wolfe is the creator of the Ingress Scanner, and was Chief XM Engineer of the Niantic Project.

Like previous months, this Loadout Kit is available one per Agent. Agents who have already earned the original Lynton-Wolfe medal can purchase this Loadout but will not receive a duplicate Lynton-Wolfe medal on their Agent profile.

Archives: Oliver Lynton-Wolfe (19,000 CMU)

  • Oliver Lynton-Wolfe medal
  • 25 Resonators (at your Level, up to L8)
  • 25 Hypercubes
  • 4 Apex
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