An idea using Media, would it be acceptable by the public?

So, while sitting and waiting, I was running through my Inventory and noticed a couple of media items in there, so something crossed my mind. You know the way you collect Pokemons and Harry Potter foundables and confoundables? Well, what if we had a library from 1st media ever released to the most recent media (updated every time media is released), making people collect those media's even before, during or after events like FS. People would exchange those media's just to get them collected in their Media library, along the way maybe even a tiered badge for media's collected. Any ideas on this? Any points of view would be appreciated. Also, NIA, this would probably make people more communicative during FS as in group conversation and exchange. Maybe even add a names of players who contributed with certain media (obtained from [name].) Or could have more than one name if multiple people donated one item without you realizing.



    I think this was discussed on Ingress Updates, more especially with how Niantic can leverage this as a means to generate income by making media availabe on the Ingress store.

    All of your points are great ideas :D

  • I forgot to mention, having a media library would also be great if people could access them by clicking on the collected media icon and have an option to view it. Also it would remove the necessity for people who actually collect media's, to take inventory space and whenever they would hack a media it would, for example, notify the player that a new media was automatically added to the library, making an icon shine, or have a small "new" tag in the corner. These are all just suggestions, but I would love to have some. The shop media's wouldn't be so bad, ONLY if those media's are unique from store. NIA wants to profit from that too I believe, so having a cheap media of like between 250 to 500 wouldn't be THAT bad.

  • Maybe it's good to automatically record medias that an agent have had got, even if he recycled it.

    BTW it's not bad idea to allow agents to "recreate" a recorded media in album by an amount of CMU, so to help exchanging and collecting.

    But don't add medias directly to the store. PLZ.


    Again, it was discussed as a part of how Niantic would leverage it as a means for monetization. Not everyone agrees to it, and I'm not going to mention it again since it's not part of this topic anyway.

    Everyone does not have the capacity to pay or chooses not to pay for something.

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    I think it's a great idea. A kind of library in the scanner that you can maybe view through the agent's profile, similar to mission medals. However, it should really be possible to register the media item in your library and then drop it to another person. That would really have a social component. I wouldn't like to send the media over distance, that would be pure item exchange and has no social component.

    Maybe this will also open up new opportunities for Niantic to make money. For example for designs of this library or the recreation of old Media items etc.

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    I've thought about something like this about the tesselation, making it a feature of the scanner for us to collect the media and (manual or automatic) input them in the list.

    Medias could have its own inventory slots, expansible if the player need more space. I know this will generate revenue. Player who like to collect medias have to use gear space for that now, and medias being completely useless items after you watched it, they shouldn't even count to inventory anyway.

    But ingress really is lacking tradeables and collectables (keys doesn't count). Media can be adapted really well into this, with different category pages (like in HPWU), with new one being released at new chapter of the story, working as stickers there.

    Something that can actually work for revenue and collection too is virtual biocards. Players could purchase and customize their own biocards e distribute it to other players for their collection. People already do that with paper and Niantic don't get a penny, if it was a feature they would be profiting.

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    I agree, they should do ingress media like with how they did it in Wizards Unite

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    I have no objection to the concept unless it became a key element in the game. However, I find myself completely flabbergasted that people save lots of media. I have maybe half a dozen saved away as souvenirs but the rest usually get recycled as fast as I possibly can because I want to fill those inventory slots with usable gear.

    I would hate it if collecting sets of things became a component of regular gameplay. I find that mechanism boring in HPWU and PoGo, and if Ingress turned into a game with the same sort of hoop-jumping and checklsit-checking that would probably push me to quit.

  • Imagine that every 10 media collected you would get a reward of your level gear, for example 10 xmp and 10 resonators. Set the media's by rarity, making the unique code claimed media, also higher reward for every 10. It's all just an idea, I wouldn't want this to be main aspect of the game either, but it would be nice as a "side hobby". People like to achieve and collect. Some collect coins, other people collect mangas or comics, some collect Barbie's from 1st one ever released, other people collect badges in ingress, others Pokemons, others HP collectibles. It's good to have something like this, some library. Maybe even an extra test where you could explain whole ingress plot for newcomers. The ultimate decision is ofc is up to NIA, how much of this they want in game, and IF they want it.

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    No, this is where the error comes in, 1 media for each slot is OK, even a little reward, but rarity on medias? No thanks, that would just go too far from the game.

    Is nice to have a place where you could check on your media without inventory cost, but there have been A LOT of media already and I see a problem there since those who store media will not find a solution if you don't have a slot for them. And I'm telling you, we are speaking of several hundreds if not thousands. And even if you manage to create a way to store them all, what about media recycled because it was just too much? How are we suposed to get over that?

    I like the plan, but is not that easy. This is not HPWU.

  • I know, and that is why I said that this is simply an idea. Ofc if this would be implemented NIA could open some old media drop chances during 1st Saturdays or other events. Rarity was an example for the medias you get through the 1 chance grab from the codes NIA sends in forums, so only a handful of people will have that media. Unless ofc those specific media's could specify "obtained through a code" or "purchased in store". The final construction on how this whole thing would work would be up to NIA. And if, let's say, this could be a thing, forums as these always are useful for NIA to analyze different issues related to this, despite their discussion at their HQ. Also, this is not supposed to be a main thing, just something extra to dwell in. For people who want to dive into the game more by checking the medias from the library while waiting for portal CD, or even while riding on a long bus trip. See Redacted and post redacted medias.

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    I like the concept of a media timeline that goes through the lore, that would definetely be something all playerbase could make use of, allowing to know more and perhaps even understanding what's going on.

    To solve the "legacy" issue, I'd say the media locker would be the best solution.

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    media that doesnt count to inventory is the only change needs making....

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