Invalid portal report.

I have repeatedly reported a portal that no longer exists. But I received the automatic response from Niantic informing me that this portal should remain in the portal network.

However, Agent Mikasa88 took a photo that clearly shows that this portal no longer exists . A spherical photo was even taken and added to google streetview.

Now that you can appreciate that this portal no longer exists with undeniable evidence, can you reconsider your position on the validity of this portal.

This ensures that the portal network will reflect the reality on the ground as much as possible.

Portal name : Entrée du relais équestre du relais de Villenon.

last visit of google streetview car: SEPTEMBER 2018

new 360 photo on streetview JUNE 2020 :

portal location : France - Anché,0.284958&z=11&pll=46.349644,0.248691

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