DenimRoof & DenimRoof 2.0

June 19 & 20, 2020

Operation DenimRoof & DenimRoof 2.0

Topeka, KS is dominated by ENL. After a few attempts at dropping the fields over a couple of weeks, that only encouraged ENL to build bigger, an op was born out of determination to take down the fortress that Topeka had become.

7 layers covered a great deal of Eastern KS by the 10pm checkpoint, most importantly the entire capital city of Topeka, totaling around 1.5MU. Agents continued to work fast & furious on the bigger fields & farms set up around the city, taking out as much as they could before the 3am checkpoint, and the new cycle at 8am cp on 6/20/20, as well as all day 6/20.

After midnight, the NE anchor was spoofed down in a locked cemetery. Once the agent was banned, it allowed us to re-throw DenimRoof 2.0, an exact replica of the first, making a second checkpoint. Thanks to all the agents who participated by dropped blocking links, farming & delivering keys, driving to throw links & fields, helped by being "eyes in the sky", intel on Topeka, helped with the spoof, & spent many hundreds of bursters taking down ENL strongholds. All who took part already had onyx illuminators. Congratulations to HearneDOdoubleG for the first op planned successfully!


282 enemy portals neutralized

308 unique portals hacked

3,132,970 total MU throwing the multi-layered field twice

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