IOS Issues? Or Scanner?

Very odd ban warning on my account, I am convinced something went wrong....

I last played Ingress a couple of days ago. When I logged in the app awarded me a high level medal (one I was nowhere close to earning) at time I just assumed it was a bug. I logged in last night and my Intel was blocked (website was blank) and when I start the scanner I got a 3 strike warning (which has to be a spoof warning since no 3rd party apps etc). The badge had been removed from my agent ID. I was puzzled and had thought about filing appeal (after reading all the comments about IOS issues; I have an older iPhone 5S (IOS12) which I use to play. This morning when I log in the ban / warning has disappeared and gameplay has returned to normal (so my ban was less than 12 hours not 7 days as warning had warned). So are these all bugs / errors in the app or am I actually getting a 1st strike?

Is this IOS error a thing or is the scanner doing something else weird? I saw a few sites claiming Niantic is investigating but had anyone heard anything more concrete as to what is happening and why?

I deleted and reinstalled the app so this could have had some effect on the error medals being removed and strike warning going away?


  • BatmageBatmage ✭✭


    Yesterday I was banned (again) and today I am not (again)

    I sent Nia an email but I think its an IOS issue

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