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As 2018 biocard temple have been used for 3 years and get bored about it, and 19 template in communities is somewhat ugly(only for myself's opinion), I made this template.

Its design idea originates from Nemesis series' reseacher medals with wide border.

It's still not the final effect, so I haven't share it.

Please feel free to advise me about this template by comment. I will upload it somewhere and share it by a common link when I thought it is finished.



I have finished it. But you can also advise me about it or release your edited version.

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  • Sample pic of the final template. (The cross avatar is my private.)

    I have no copyright of the ingress logo, so I replaced it to a "snow" logo. You can change the logo in "Xlogo" layer group to modify it.

    I share this template itself by CC0 license. Everyone can use, edit and re-publish it without any permission.

    But please note that the fonts are not included, they are under their own license. (Non-business usage is allowed.)

    download at:

    Google drive

    Telegram Channel

  • HydracyanHydracyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    What's the point of these cards? I got 2 as gift but it's appeal didn't clicked to me yet.

  • I guess you started play ingress at Prime times. If so it's not strange you don't understand why someone are crazy about making and collecting these cards.

    In a word, they are kind of like "business cards" for ingress agents only.

    At times of ingress 1.X, especially year 2015~2018, there's no character badge packs in in-game shop. The only way to get a character badge was to meet them in real world (XMA, MD, etc.) and get a card with a code to redeem. That was the official biocard. In 15-18 the official biocard change design every year. Before the Nemesis series( and behand 2015), XMA ticket pack , even a free one, contains a biocard of that event. Early version is with codes to redeem XMA badges, later without codes and only for a memo.

    And soon after Niantic characters started to send out their biocard, agents started to print and trade their own biocards. At that time it was so popular that Niantic set up a website to provide biocard printing service. (By now that website is closed.)

    And as Niantic official fully stopped giving out (character and event) biocards in Nemesis series, there will never be an official biocard template.

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