Portal scans won't upload

NorthSeaPoetNorthSeaPoet ✭✭
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Basically, to cut a long story short. My portal scans won't upload and when I press the upload scans button, it tells me they've failed to upload straight away without even trying.

Video evidence:

I've cleared my cache and restarted my phone as well. I've attempted to upload on WiFi and on mobile data, but it still insists the uploads have failed.


  • n0utn0ut ✭✭

    Got the same problem

  • If you clear your Portal Scan queue by tapping the Clear All button, are you able to upload any Portal Scan or does it always fail for every Portal Scan?

    What Android phone and Android version are you on?

  • Hi Brian

    Clicked Clear All and the scans disappeared. Had attempted several times to upload prior to then and it just failed immediately.

    Android version is 10, I think

  • Scanned yesterday 200 Portals and tried to upload via Wifi.

    Nothing happens over night, no increased number in the stats.

    Use scanner version 2.49.1-9075e2e2

  • grendelwulfgrendelwulf ✭✭✭✭✭

    I just uploaded two with no problem. Is it possible clearing your cache clears queued up portal scans?

  • Same issue. Oneplus 6. Sent a few by mobile data to begin with, no problem (as I'd had this issue before). Saved some up For sending later. Fails immediately, no wait. All the scans were valid (eg not the white weird screen).

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