Editing Portal that has been Incorrectly Located

Hello all,

I submitted a portal via Pokemon Go (level 40 there) for a mural at a local restaurant. I added a supporting photo, that could be verified via Google Maps and Street View, showing the outside of the **** mall as well as text indicating that I correctly placed the portal. However, the Wayfarer reviewers still moved the portal to the incorrect location. The portal was approved in the incorrect location and now occupies some other commercial business in an entirely different building within the **** mall.

I tried emailing Niantic support about the issue, but they said they will not edit the portal location and told me to modify it in Ingress. I am level 2 in Ingress; therefore, I cannot make portal edits as far as I am aware. Aside from hopelessly trying to track down a local Ingress player via Discord, Reddit, or some other means, is there any other avenue to go to provide evidence that this portal was incorrectly placed by the Wayfarer reviewers and needs to be corrected?

Thanks in advance.


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