OSM Sampling out of date?


Why is the game using an OpenStreetMap sample from late 2017? I'm seeing roads and entire neighborhoods completely blanked out in the game because such an old dataset from OSM is being used. Is there a timeline for this to be refreshed? I noticed that PoGo is using a more updated back-end (updated grass, water, etc classification of the map) but the same outdated visual as well.

What gives?


  • RuckRunnerGRTRuckRunnerGRT ✭✭
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    That's crazy!

    I've updated OSM a lot, but stopped after realizing that NIA gave up on updating their side. I hope this changes soon.

  • @NianticCasey please pass this along. This is a problem across all of Niantic's games.

  • Thanks. I don't know who to ping to get this sent up the chain, so any help is greatly appreciated. I've been barking up this tree for over two years now and never heard a peep.

  • No response from NIA yet?

  • Guess I'll wait another year before asking again.

  • Guess I got my answer, then.

    It won't be updated for the foreseeable future, nor will NIA put an official response in on the issue :(

  • GoldERequiemGoldERequiem ✭✭
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    save money so no update

  • Breaking news the in game map just refreshed and it has a lot of my buildings I've mapped since the initial visual map pull in dec 2017. Reddit is all going crazy over it too, so looks like our wishes became true!

  • GrogyanGrogyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    Problem is, that the RWP marks service lanes as roads.

    This is dangerous, and creates clutter on the game map

    Nice to see the map data updated

  • It is so satisfying to see the fruits of labour come into fruition on the in-game map. Based on observations and other comments, it seems to have pulled March 2020 OSM data.

    Hoping that these updates would become much more regular rather than every couple of years or so.

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