[Bug Report]Account can't sign in to Intel Map and Community Forums

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My friend issues a problem. His account is L10 and he can only logins to Wayfarer only. He can't access Intel Map(loads my account with his email), can't login to this forum(gives An Error Occured). He tries fix this issue with Contacting with Niantic for 8 months but Niantic doesn't do anything on it. Just says try Incognito Mode or login to Ingress again. It won't works and Niantic keeps saying this. He opened his 11 or 12th ticket for this. Can any @Niantic staff can look further about his issue? Thanks.

Note: This forum account is also his account. When i logged in first time, i took his account somehow.


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    Multi-accounting maybe!!!

  • herobrine0447herobrine0447 ✭✭
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    What causes this, i don't know but thanks to Player Support started to ignore him anyways.

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    @herobrine0447 to clarify, when you sign in to the forum, you see his account, which is codename herobrine0447? And when he logs in with his email account, he loads your Ingress account? Do you share accounts or share devices? What is your Ingress codename?

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    @NianticBrian His codename is @EMRE0YUN(0 is number, not letter), mine is @herobrine0447. Also we changed emails yesterday and he can now access to Intel Map(but i can't now). But can't access to Community Forums. Yes, when he signed in community forums, he access this account which is also his account but nickname changed after i logged in and stuck with this name(On this way, i don't have a forum account). After email change, he can not login with Google to forums, he can login with Facebook but loads this account(Edit: He can't login with Facebook anymore), email seem wrong in profile and nickname won't changing. And there is no problem on Ingress Prime logins(both can login with our emails and loads correct accounts on Prime). We sometimes sharing devices.

    Note: His account is created by Facebook, mine is Google.

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