Reporting Non-Ingress agent tracker (

Hi Niantic,

I would like to report a site that's tracking agents outside of the Ingress App.

please see

@NianticBrian @NianticCasey


  • Since they are having troubles stopping spoofers on their own server, I assume @NianticCasey can't do anything about this as well. Even has troubles reading very detailed reports of harassment, so external websites like this are even lower priority.

    They are running a skeleton crew of underfed cavias there, go figure and get stalked. Nobody at niantic cares

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    Niantics refusal to do anything with the brokers guild scandal was the second to last nail in the coffin in ingress. They need to shut ingress down and focus on the other games.

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    this still exists. they are charging money now for full access to data created by us, the players and owned by niantic. niantic handed out takedown notices in the past to other sites. Not that there is money involöved, things may get easier.

  • Ingress Tracker is a dangerous and malicious website, kidnapers and other types of malicious persons can use this to do bad things, the web site tracks in real life ingress players position to the detail, this is bad for the comunity.

    The Ingress Tracker use spoofers to track, this must be consider a threat to society

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