Invalid Portal Report - Fake portal, probably created by a POGO player


I can't publish a message in the "Invalid Portal Report" place and I hope to be heard.

After many rejected reports on Ingress, I don't have acces yet to Wayfarer, so I try here.

Probably a POGO player made a portal in his own property using a foto taken from another portal in the same town (from another angle).

There is no way to enter the place, it is in a small wood. I checked the land register and it is a private property and it is too far from the road to be hacked.

Here is the portal :

Here is the land register :

The true portal foto from ingress :

The fake portal foto from ingress (you can see the fountain in the back):

Category: Invalid Portal Report

Title of the Portal: Ancien lavoir


City: BAUD

Country: France

Real Portal (Baud - Fontaine de la Clareté) :,-3.014977&z=18

I hope that someone can help to delet this and that the player does not create anymore of theses around.

Thank-you for your time !



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