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AkceptorUAAkceptorUA ✭✭✭✭
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Here people propose to use portal scanning as an anti-spoofer proof which doesn't make much sense to me but I've hot a bit different idea based on that.

What about an option to submit a portal scan instead of/in addition to the second photo during the portal nomination submission?

Reason: lots of submissions got rejected due to outdated StreetView and lack of user-created 360 panoramas so people have no enough evidence for a nomination location.

Solution: allow players to submit additional portal-scan proof. Allow Wayfarer reviewers to see that video proof (probably this should be an opt-in feature to avoid high traffic usage for reviewers or just show an info `this nomination has a scan data uploaded` and link to a real video).


  1. Additional evidence for reviewers useful in new and quickly developing areas.
  2. New portal will already have some scans in place.


  1. Additional storage needed to keep potential portal video data (probably this can be compressed or even converted to something like GIF for the Wayfarer purposes)
  2. Not sure if video frames are even sent to the Niantic servers (suppose it's just some AR processing results)




  • grsmhikergrsmhiker ✭✭✭

    Now this is a really great idea! While submitting a portal nomination, you could start at the site and turn 360 degrees to capture the surroundings. That would definitely help with cases where it's difficult to snap a single photo that shows the object in context with other landmarks that can be used to verify location in Google maps. On so many nominations, submitters simply turn around and take a supporting photo, with no trace of the subject visible.

  • cheatchcheatch ✭✭✭

    This is a great idea

    I been finding submissions lately where I think they are somehow editing the googlemap also

  • HydracyanHydracyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    It doesn't even need to show the whole video during review, just a few frames of the scanned data.

  • That’s something that I noticed was missing when I made my first submission. (It was rejected because it sucked and I didn’t know the guidelines)

  • I can get behind this idea.

  • RostwoldRostwold ✭✭✭✭✭

    A very good idea, this would be great for spotting fakes too, as it's much harder to convincingly fake video than it is to edit stills in PhotoShop.

  • Love the idea. even if not a portal scan, an inbuilt ability to submit a photosphere would already be awesome to help reviewers find the good and fake portal submissions. Would also help in determining location accuracy thereby limiting excessive location edits later on because the initial submitter didnt tag the right location.

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