Wayfarer Survey Marks


there is still always a lot of confusion as to the eligibility of a survey mark and what is actually classed as one.

Lots of the community seem to think that the small disc survey marks are eligible.

Im a surveyor by trade and believe that these sort are definitely not eligible as they are mass produced and anyone could get one and make there own. As you can see in my picture below they are relatively cheep in bulk.

As majority of reviewers also don’t know the data base to find out if the code on the mark is correct they are very easy to fake.

If these are actually eligible why don’t we allow every bus stop/taxi rank/ fire hydrant as well. These POI’s are just used for the people who work in the particular industry.

If this are ineligible can we have some better clarification on the wayfarer guidelines as lots of these are going through.

Thank you for your time.



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