Wayfarer #IngressFS Eastleigh, UK

Due to the threat of Covid-19 and the transition to First Saturdays being at home, we saw the opportunity to finally do a Wayfarer themed First Saturday.

The UK Wayfarer community have been wanting to do a x-fac Wayfinder gathering, but since we have agents from across the country, and of all demographics, it didn’t seem possible to include everyone.

As we weren’t bound by a particular location, we chose to let the community vote on which portal / location had been infamous to reviewers, we eventually settled on ‘Charlotte Yonge’, a statue in Eastleigh, infamous for her many hats.

We ended up with 58 attendees, some novices to the expansion of the portal network, and some veteran seers.

In spite of some minor issues (cataclysmic disasters) with our scoring sheet, we had a fantastic day. Upon reflection I thought that we were able to combine Wayfarer and First Saturday seamlessly, without any faction / x-faction dramas. I didn’t even know which faction some of the main contributors to the group were, until this event. Not that it matters.

Attached is our group photo, stitched together from attendee submissions.

Many thanks to the agents who made this possible: @RobLovesTheSESH for being my ENL POC and @YouLostAStar for stepping in at the last minute. @ZombieSazza for the group photo. @Qwizical for helping me answer my attendees’ questions in the chat. @kblackie90 for hosting the Zoom meeting, and everyone else for coming and making the day special.

Thanks all for an eventful day, and an incredible night sleep after!

~ TheAuraStorm 💙💚


  • So many miserable looking faces - mine included! 😂

    It was an alright day, even if no one joined me and @Qwizical in the Discord.

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