Saturday afternoon in TX

shoopzshoopz ✭✭

Let me tell you a story of a wonderful Saturday with a bitter end. After few days of convincing few people (8 to be exact), on lovely Saturday afternoon we set out to a historic park to setup for a field. The checkpoint was 8 hrs away, but we knew park closes soon, so we needed to get the link out early. After quick hr and a half drive, base link was established to another portal that sits on the jetty on the other side of TX and we went out towards that spine almost 300 miles away. On the way we watches sunset in between the trees and the roads, battled millions of bugs and service difficulties to establish a rail with a perfect unison with other clearers. Everything looked good, we got rails up, agents did amazing job traveling hours to their blockers to help to make skies green. I was on the road to the spine, and another agent was already there. It's 11 PM, and while it's not close to CP, we decided to get a first layer up to prevent any last minute blockers. Few seconds later, success, we got our first layer 3M MU. The happy feeling washed over the team, we did it! Now 5 more minutes until i arrive to the scene so we can put another 16 layers that were planned and walk away into sunset.

Then it happened, a lvl 1 "agent" with 321 lifetime AP appear on a Jetty, ultrastriking resonators. It's 11:15 PM on a slippery jetty, 1 KM away from the shore, it's windy, wavy and tide is 1.3 ft above the normal level. It's a suicide for anyone to be out there, yet the "agent" was there, sitting comfortable on his couch, cheating his way into ruining game experience for all people involved. We traveled over 1000 miles and put at least 30 man hours in travel between the team to get a single layer before low life cheater decided that he's "better" than us. He robbed us of full game experience, he robbed RES agents that came to take down the field from an epic, anomaly style battle whether or not field would make CP and how many layers we could get in the end. All that was ruined by one self absorbed individual that is too scared to admit that the other team beat them in this endless game.

@NIACHAOSMONKEY @NIA_Emily @NianticAkshay @NianticAndrew @NianticAustin i am asking you all to give me something, give me a reason to continue to recruit people, to continue to play, to continue to spend money on the game, where the very core of the experience can be ruined by few clicks while sitting on the couch. Give us hope that we can field, that we can take upon amazing adventures, recruit amazing people and together achieve stories worth sharing and remembering forever. It was a somber 3 hour drive home at 1 AM in the morning. We won, but we lost. We executed perfectly, we followed rules and we make it happen, but yet we came out empty handed. How many more times people will have to walk away feeling like it's all for nothing? This game is amazing, but now ... it's hard to look another agent in the eye and say "are you up for an amazing adventure?" because in the end, i don't know if the adventure will happen ...


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