Schol Segtisalgoe

jelkemjelkem ✭✭✭

It all started on May 26 2020, when we got the news Johan, or agent @segtisalgoe had passed away. A few agents, both Resistance and Enlightened went out to search for him, because we saw him in our scanner that same morning and we couldn't believe it. It wasn't long before we knew for sure and we knew we had to do something to comemmorate him.

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We would be doing a cross-faction starburst on the same day as his funeral. We chose his 2 homeportals as the best place to link to.

The next day we sent word to the community and asked for their help, the idea was to do a small local starburst but when we asked the community for assistance, the starburst led it's own life, since we had agents from across Belgium and even from the Netherlands who wanted to participate.

Since both factions wanted to do something nice for @segtisalgoe the event went pretty smoothly, we quickly agreed on a dividing line and all worked together to get the best result. 

The result was beautiful. The sky shone brightly with 6999 links in his honor.

(more below pictures)

We would also like to thank Niantic, for releasing a free beacon and you, our fellow agents, across the globe who joined us in putting up the beacon and give one final toast to @segtisalgoe. For us this was very moving to see because @segtisalgoe brought down the bridges between the factions over a beer (or two).

(more below pictures)

We would like to finish by saying: “Schol, segtisalgoe!” and we hope to one day see your simulacrum. And may your cross-faction attitude be a beacon for our fellow agents and a reminder that we are one community, not just two factions.


Poc's: for resistance: @icefr34k

for enlightened: @maredon


  • It was an honor to contribute in my very own way to this very beautiful XF link star to remember @segtisalgoe .

    RIP 💚💙

  • WikiBlueWikiBlue ✭✭✭

    RIP 💙💚 The linkstar was very large, a perfect tribute for a great guy.

  • Thanks to all for an amazing team/xf effort, even though the reason behind this op was a sad one, it turned out to be a very special evening, so much kindness and warmth... Special thoughts to those who knew him irl, this was a beautiful gesture and I hope it helps you to say goodbye. 💙💚 

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