Another kind of Drone.. Idea

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What you think about a Freighter-Drone with a capacity of for ex. 10 Items?

The Drone can travel just along existing Links of your faction but without the drone jump range restriction.

The Drone can take / drop items only.

You can not recall the drone but have to travel back. But you can destroy the drone. Then Items are lost.


This would change the way Item Transfer is organised for distant agents.

This would create the need to maintain a Portalnetwork, not just Fields.


Give me your 2 cents. 😀

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  • Remember that this idea came up a few years ago. Item transfer via links, considerations at that time were, if there is no instant transfer but the transport from A to B takes X time, what happens if the link or portal is destroyed?

    Maybe the items fall to the ground at that place or the drone comes back?

    Other consideration drones are currently not visible to others, for something like that it would be helpful, brings a whole new way of playing if you could specifically pick up drones from the sky.

    Sure it's all possible but is Nia interested in such ideas 🙃

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    Maybe the items fall to the ground at that place or the drone comes back?

    In this case it would be more like, what happens when a Portal changes color while the Drone is waiting for the next jump. I would vote for Drone destroyed, Items lost or falling to the ground at the Portal ( for the attacker it would be a bit like a Pinata 🥳)

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