[Feature Request] Key Sorting by XM Charge

Just wanted to recharge a few portals but then realized that they were somewhere in the middle of a list of 300-some keys. Took me quite some time to find them because scrolling too fast makes the game struggle quite a bit. It would be great if one could display their list of keys by how much a portal is charged - preferably from least to most charged.



  • Alternate sorting orders for keys have been requested for years and the simple answer is that it will never happen.

    The reason is that for these sort options, it would need all the data from every single key you have before it can do the sorting.

    This data is very volatile unlike the current sorting options (name and location) since those are only changed after a review process and not by gameplay.

  • Darn. Welp, I guess I'll have to do it the slow way then. Thanks though.

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