Background of NIA Mission Images in Tesserae Calvin and Schubert

We followed some missions created by NIA in searching tesserae Calvin and Schubert.

Their title images are look like these:

I tried to get the background of them with Photoshop and finally got this picture:

It looks like a coin with a familar image on it. But something is different.

Ofcause I am not saying "this is round. this is hexagon". I am saying:

1. All Nemesis Runes in the outer ring is "rotated" 180°, compired with the hexagon pic we all known.

2. 7 of 28 inner radius lines are bold. they are seprated by 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7 parts of the wheel, start at Origin and anti-clockwise. They pointed at Runes of Origin(0), Z, X, U, Q, M, and G.

I'm not so sure what that meant, so I just post it here. Hope someone can continue this investigate.

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