Pinned Official Megathreads

I was just looking through the forums for various info, and noticed the amount of repetition in the theme of threads. I was wondering if the more active forum members could think of reoccuring topics which could possibly be worth pinning for ease of navigation.


  • HonestElHonestEl ✭✭✭

    Tis probably something they are working on, among the dozen of other requests they've received. Not quite sure yet how big or small the mod team is here, so a small staff could be why there are so many repeat threads.

    Also because people don't take time to actually read stuff, but that in and of itself is a separate and endless issue.

  • jplolojplolo ✭✭✭

    I tend to at least search before I start a new thread. And, I've been tempted to create mega-threads for certain topics. But, im hesitant since Im not sure this sort of movement is yet supported by staff.

  • Thus I used the term "official". It's a young forum and thought frequent users could provide imput here as to what the mods could find worth pinning.

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