[bug] Drone hacks do NOT count towards sojourner!

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Contrary to the article at https://niantic.helpshift.com/a/ingress/?s=top-articles&f=how-do-i-deploy-drone-mark-i&l=en&p=web drone hacks are NOT counting towards the sojourner badge!

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    have u read correctly ?

    Deploying Drones will also contribute to Agents’ stats, incrementing metrics for Hacks, Glyph Hack Points, and Longest Hacking Streak. Drone hacks do not count towards Unique Portals Visited. However, they will increment new Agent stats for Unique Portals Drone Visited, Furthest Drone Flight (calculated from its initial Target Portal), and Drone Hacks.

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    Tested this again today and it DID update this time. My best guess is that either this has been fixed, or that the issue was related to the ongoing server outages.

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