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    Look around you at all the suggestions on how to expand it. You really think it's going to stay at this current limit?

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    Do not be greedy, developers also need to eat and feed their children. I am ready to make a payment for a specific in-game item. Such as, for example, as a module for a drone expanding inventory or giving + 5% to the probability of knocking out shields.

    And the drone companion is much more useful than the “cripple” which cannot even get the key from the portal!

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    Like more how you steer drone in real world with controller or joystick. I hope Niantic relese we steer the drone with controller.

  • Have given this one a bit of thougth and I think it shouldn't be the case you can complete a mission with only a drone. But a good compromise might be that drone hacks do count for a mission, but the mission can only be completed if at least one action is non-drone. Combined with the 1 hack per hour that should still promote people to go discover.

  • I see a potential benefit for the future: I visited quite a lot portal that where placed very poorly by some lazy agents on private property or behind fences.

    Would be nice if the drone was able to extend your action radius a few meters and place maybe a single resonator to capture those portals. Just a single one, not to fill a portal completely and not to enable remote linking, just to get those nasty few.

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    Dronenet X Quantum Capsule

    @NianticBrian , Good evening.

    The scanner allows you to store the Drone Mark1 inside a Quantum capsule,

    but in the end it gives an error.

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    It's like a new guardian game except the guardian is invisible and your teammates can mess it up as easily as your first.

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    I hope drone always are free in app and not P2W when drone are complete and mutch better in the foture.

  • How does Furthest Drone Flight Distance handle NL1331 Portal? What if I put the drone on it when the van arrive near me and then wait that the portal crosses the ocean to move it again? Sorry for my English

  • I think after a drone has sat at a portal for an hour, the portal should be hackable again, not burnt out until moved. Maybe the rehack can can count as the hourly move.

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    Trying to figure how much of a difference so much dev time has in improving gameplay. It's one of those minor things that really doesn't change much for agents. With all features - does it have an effect on combat, fielding or anomalies? If it doesn't, where is it going? Is it really aiding exploration in a visible manner? It currently seems like a fix for Sojourners a little too late.

    Considering the current conditions, it could have easily been given more features temporarily. That would make it a lot more useful right now. For example let drone hacks count for missions.

    Could even introduce a new waypoint type for missions - Deploy your drone.

    Other things that could make it interesting are audio proximity warnings. Nothing visual coz too many things already on the screen. Like if you / your drone are within range of more drones. Not give their locations but just let us know they're in the area.

    Some new stats & medals would be interesting. Just listing new stats without in-game medals doesn't get anyone to go after them.

    Max Continuous Jumps (would keep drones moving)

    Drones Repelled (drone hunts might be fun. Especially if you can only guess / listen to audio to find them)

    Max Days Drone Deployed (would get people to actually use the feature normally)

    Unique Portals Deployed At (would help exploration a bit). Edit: already there.

    Some other features that would make drones slightly useful -

    Revealing hidden portal data. This could be limited to special portals with lore relevance.

    Unlocking drone-only glyph sequences

    Increased hack output. Would be fair given it instantly burns out a portal.

    Synced intel / views if Ingress had a friend feature / enough faction mates in proximity

    Maybe actual portal actions if enough agents are in actual proximity? Like get 8 agents to deploy a drone at the same portal & be within 1000 meters of it to use X8s (bye bye annoying inaccessible anchors).

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    "Friendly Drones Recalled" does not sound quite right.

    You move your drone to neutral or enemy portal and then your friendly faction captures the portal and it will result your drone to be recalled back.

    Somehow this does not sound quite right.

    Maybe it could work so that the drone is recalled only if enemy captures the portal and maybe also when the portal is decayed to neutral.

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    I don't often, if ever, comment in here. But I see this as the first realistic solution for levelling the playing field amongst the 'with' and 'without' couch portal agents. Everyone knows it's a roll of the dice in terms of luck, but having an agent sitting on one, two or maybe more portals for 23 hours a day is clearly a playing field disruptor. Now I can glyph/hack from home, some balance is reintroduced, albeit only once per hour compared with those sitting on VRHS/VRMH P8 home portals.

    Develop this concept with the goal of levelling the playing field, please.

  • In order...

    1. I'd bet that's controlled server side. If the hackers can get into Niantic's server, this isn't going to be what they change.
    2. It allows one more hack per drone visit. If you're skipping back and forth between two portals, that's a whole extra 2 hacks per portal before the burnout resets. I think we'll survive.
    3. Is anyone using boats, antenna, tickets, etc to go and hack a portal once and not get any keys out of it? Anyone?
    4. If anyone is actually using as primary gameplay instead of going out and exploring after COVID-19 is under control, I will be extremely surprised.
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    Why am I able to hack with Dronenet with a full inventory (More than 2,000 items)? 

    Does Dronenet increase the inventory limit to more than 2,000 items?

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    This is an interesting concept.

    Maybe during an anomaly put two start portals for each faction.

    And put an end portal for each faction far outside the playbox.

    The faction that reaches more drones or first to the end wins.

    This would of course require a shorter flight cool down.

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    Maybe increase the decay rate of portals with drones on them by 5% per drone. That would really mess up some P8 farms 😂

    Maybe allow 1 key / item to be transported by a drone but use up a ton of XM & CM to do so.

  • jontebulajontebula ✭✭✭✭✭

    Dronet are results of corona virus?

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