What about the Agents we're looking for new missions?

It is a fact that many in the community are complaining about the page to create missions... Some because they can't log in correctly, or they won't be allowed to easily send their missions... With this post I look once again due attention from you dear Niantic. We want to contribute more things to make it more enjoyable and entertaining to enjoy the game but once again we find a barrier to achieve that goal... And that's now the Constant Rejections of New Missions. Could you please review the way you are checking the missions... When we receive an email telling us that the missions are rejected, I personally feel like a dagger goes through my heart. I don't know how other agents can express themselves, but I think we all feel the same way, We feel that tiredness, that disappointment and that sadness at the time and efforts we invest trying to mimic new missions. New Mosaics to catch the eye of other players That everything we do is in vain that it doesn't make any sense, we know that there is a lot of work to be done with the game updates... But we know that they are a relatively capable company and that giving a little attention also to these little details is not impossible To achieve... Of 30 missions sent in 2 mosaics 29 rejected and just one (1) being approved takes away the spirits of anyone and I only say my case... But I know there are people who have maybe worse cases So please I ask you one more time They could be a little more flexible and consider the possibility that more missions will be approved so that we agents too can give some of our grain of sand and make it more entertaining to perform Medalleros, Banner, mosaics or loose missions and be able to decorate, beautify and improve our profiles...

From Ya. Thank you for your Time and Attention, Sincerely: @iiLinuxii

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