Feature Request: UI Skinability

This one has probably been discussed in one or more incarnations, but just to surface another conversation about it I figured I'd post here.

Rather than specifically request the OG Scanner, or [REDACTED] UI to be available as a purchasable option, I'd like to request that a complete UI skinning framework be implemented. My reasoning being that the original UI could be one of many skins that could then be sold to the player base that would hopefully justify the development time investment required to create the framework.

Over the years Niantic has temporarily altered the Scanner's GUI with things like the Pac-Man UI that we got for April Fool's Day one year. I'm sure licensing something like that would make offering that specific example infeasible, but hopefully it gets the wheels turning in your head about the sort of possibilities past just the original UI.

Anyway, it's something I thought I'd share.


  • HydracyanHydracyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    I also share that opinion. Not just old scanner, but also new themes like enl and res, and much more. Just like the avatars, having different skins can give us more variety and even better performance.

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