Feature request - "Terminal mode" for bgan/light data usage.

The idea is a mode with the barest impact on data (essential for using bgans which have steep data costs) while at the same time providing a unique challenge for seasoned players.

Terminal mode mimics a text based terminal. You cannot see anything around you as the visual scanner is gone. The game does not tell you whats around you until you issue a scan command (with a button!) Which will tell you in text. To know if a portal has any links, fields, etc, you will need to scan it.

To avoid any unfair advantages, game actions are limited in this mode.

IMHO I think this "playing blind" has some appeal challenge wise. It certainly wouldn't be for everyone. And the minimal data transfer and receiving would be a Godsend to zero cell zone players.



  • They could just have an "scan now" button on the current interface (and an option to switch between auto and manual scans)

    No need to dumb down the looks to a terminal since displaying the data isn't an issue in low-signal areas.

  • HydracyanHydracyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    Just allow us to disable loading all pictures. This alone will save most of the data consumption.

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