Email: We've detected a conflict with duplicate Ingress accounts

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I received an email yesterday that seems to imply that there is some kind of conflict with my Ingress accounts. I thought I was being Phished at first, but now I am uncertain.

For background information:

  • I play both Pokemon Go and Ingress, but I use two different emails to do so.
  • I have my main email, which I used to use for both PoGo and Ingress, but changed the PoGo one to its own email well over a year ago (whenever you first could). I did leave the Ingress one on my main email, for whatever reason.
  • The only other connection is that I use my PoGo email to vote on portal submissions instead of my Ingress one because I am level 40 in PoGo (which allows me to review portals), but I am only level 12 in Ingress (so I can't).
  • I have never submitted a portal in PoGo. I have only done that in Ingress.
  • I also use the PoGo email for Wizards Unite (because I was lazy), but I haven't played that game in a while.
  • I use the same username for all three games.
  • I do not have multiple accounts, so I found this email confusing.
  • I was also only able to log into this forum using my PoGo email. It would NOT let me log on using my Ingress email.

I DO NOT want to lose either account. I have worked hard in both PoGo and Ingress,, with an embarrassing amount of hours in both, and the loss would probably make me outright rage quit Niantic games entirely.

I blacked out some potentially sensitive information.

Any advise would be much appreciated!

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