Tessera I13: the Tracker of 7 "Main" Nemesis?

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The I13 Tessera "Nemesis Logo?" was already there ,in my memory, from the very beginning when we first knew about the Tessellation and the score was 0:0:30. At that time it was called "?????????".

I didnt really remember when it became 1/7, 2/7, and 3/7 filled, but I remember when the Tessera Didact was put on H10, the green part was filled and it came 4/7, and not long ago when the Tessera Lucida was put on K10, the orange part was filled and it came 5/7.

----------------------the TL;DR part-----------------

At first I thought I13 is a counter of the total progess of the whole Tessellation, but till tessera Lucida now we had more than 5/7 Tesserae of 196 (196*5/7=140, and we currently have 196-35=161) on the board. Actually, when the Round 10 ended the number is already more than 140.

Then I thought it may recall the order of the Main 7 of Nemesis( I will use the Origin7 for short), so I reviewed Day 15 and Day 16.

Day 15: Rebellion day

"At an untraceable location, the Humanist assembled the Alchemist, Skeptic and Visionary. They reconciled the differences and laid the groundwork for our rebellion."

Day 16: Nemesis

"The trickster turned up next, the interpreter and listener close behind. From the remorse of these 7 Nemesis was born, bond to stop all that would repeat their hubris."

the order in these is Humanist(Yellow), Alchemist(Green), Skeptic(Blue), Visionary(Violet), Trickster(Cyan), Interpreter(Red?Not current seen), Listener(Orange), but the order of I13 is Cyan, Violet, Blue, Green, and Orange, not follow the order of the Origin7 at all.

--------------end of the TL;DR part---------------

As for the Nemesis Humanist - Optima, whose color is yellow - the tessera of her is not currently put on the board, (even through all other tesserae in that colomn was put on) the Yellow part is not filled in I13. So did the Nemesis Interpreter in red, if Lucida is the Listener.

I came to the conclusion that I13 is a tracker of Tesserae of the Origin7, and maybe not only of tesserae.

Even Nemesis weared strange masks, they maybe already be tracked.

Who is trackking them? The T.Hand? Or…Shapers N'Zeer Exogenous Some other entities?

Maybe the Nemesis themself is in dangerous. Be careful, my fellow truthseekers, NIA, and also Nemesis.



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