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Concerned about sojourner medal and feedback to users.

The changes to the game post indicates that the sojourner metal can be earned by simply recharging portals from home, without having to go out and hook. This is good.

And, we are told that this will continue until further notice. This is also good.

However, over at HP wizards unite, There was another case of “this will continue until further notice”, that was turned off with no notice.

My concern is that if the sojourner medal reverts with no notice, then we might find the days of hacking reset to zero.

For me, this would be minor -- I’m only around 20 days or so. For others, this could be the loss of a year or more.

Given that at least one other Niantic game has messed up the “we will notify you before another change goes into affect“, A sufficiently concerned agent will find themselves still going out daily to hack a portal, rather than relying on the intended “just recharge a portal“.

Can we please get confirmation that there will be sufficient in game notification before this change reverts, so that we can stay at home most of the time and only go out occasionally?

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