Concerned about sojourner medal and feedback to users.

The changes to the game post indicates that the sojourner metal can be earned by simply recharging portals from home, without having to go out and hook. This is good.

And, we are told that this will continue until further notice. This is also good.

However, over at HP wizards unite, There was another case of “this will continue until further notice”, that was turned off with no notice.

My concern is that if the sojourner medal reverts with no notice, then we might find the days of hacking reset to zero.

For me, this would be minor -- I’m only around 20 days or so. For others, this could be the loss of a year or more.

Given that at least one other Niantic game has messed up the “we will notify you before another change goes into affect“, A sufficiently concerned agent will find themselves still going out daily to hack a portal, rather than relying on the intended “just recharge a portal“.

Can we please get confirmation that there will be sufficient in game notification before this change reverts, so that we can stay at home most of the time and only go out occasionally?


  • KeybounceKeybounce ✭✭
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    OK. I have been recharging at least the two Portals near my house every day. This morning, my hacking streak is reset to zero. What happened?

  • PhantomR1982PhantomR1982 ✭✭✭
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    Simply Put... "Welcome To The Lost Sojourner" Club

    The portal recharge from home tech change has been causing loads of users headaches and has been causing many Lost Sojourner streaks because they either were not doing the recharge right or not within the 24 hour period from there last hack/recharge as per the rules and not within the normal as you would expect 12am - 12am timing for your countrys time zone.

    As of writing this message no one official from niantic has any solutions.

    seeing as there was an ingame message about the portal recharge temp change I can guess they will let people know via popup banner when this will end but only time will tell if this happens

  • KeybounceKeybounce ✭✭
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    Wait, it’s not “once a day“, and it’s not actually “once in a given 24 hour period“, it’s within 24 hours of your last hack?

    So if I did it yesterday morning, and then today around noon, that fails?

    I was on day 29, and I was expecting to get the day 30 badge.

  • PhantomR1982PhantomR1982 ✭✭✭

    Yup thats the jist of it, it through me as well the first couple of times and I lost my couple of days streak and then I pushed the support team for a proper answer and then tested it out and it was true...I also watched both the "NOW" Stats & the "ALL TIME" Stats sections on my profile to make sure they changed over correctly its confusing at first but worth learning the system a bit...even I used to still get frustrated with it.

    For example if your last hack was at 8:01pm on the previous day then you have up to 8:01pm on the following day to make it register on the system I suggest doing it as early as possible during this window though.

    But I used to think it was the 12am -> 12am period that it worked on.

    Hope that explains it a bit more.

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