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Photos inherited from proposal of portal qualified as duplicate

foxrrofoxrro ✭✭

Category: Portal Photo

Title of the Portal: Zona Infantil

Location: 38°53'10.6"N 6°59'08.7"W

City: Badajoz

Country: Spain

First sorry for my english and if this is not the place to expose it

This portal has 3 photos, photo 1 is correct, but number 2 and 3 are not. They belong to a proposal given in duplicate when this is not true.

These photos are from the existing portal and the portal not accepted in duplicate

38°53'10.6"N 6°59'08.7"W

38°53'08.5"N 6°59'07.6"W

It is possible to delete photos 2 and 3. And again consider the proposal given in duplicate. (green play area). thx. Gracias


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