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Account-linked problem with viewing Intel map

I am having an intermittent but regular problem viewing the intel map.

Every so often when I load the map, no portals appear.

It appears to be account-specific rather than to do with my device, as I can switch from mobile (ios safari) to my desktop and the problem persists.

If I try and redeem a passcode during this time I get a blank box

After a wait time (variable - between 5 and 30 mins) if I refresh it will eventually load. It feels like I'm triggering some kind of cooldown on my account but this can happen on my first view of the intel map in a day, as it did this morning.

This has been happening for a long time now, at least 6-9 months, if not longer. I've been meaning to post on here about it for ages but this morning when it prevented me from participating in the tessera challenge was the last straw.

Please can anyone help?

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