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Fix the Basics please!

MuzzgoodMuzzgood ✭✭✭
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I have been playing Ingress since 2015, I was a dedicated player on the redacted platform, the platform was stable, fast and had minimal footprint on phone performance and net traffic performance: So we know the game can be played with low graphics and almost no net traffic, right?

Fix the Basics

  • Obliterate alarm latency. 20 seconds latency is far too long time when link fencing on the field. When I get the alarm the portal is already taken and a link is up. Even if I am in position by the right portal I fail block link due to alarm delay. This just sucks and was NEVER an issue on the Redacted platform it had no latency for alarms. In link fencing situations ONE second is a long time.
  • Cut app startup time 10-20 times! And add visual startup progress. When playing in forest areas with low mobile net service I just can't get the app started. Yes I know I have a low performance mobile phone but so what, why should I need laptop performance and city mobile net service to start the app? When moving on the field I quit the app to avoid speed ban, this means I need to start it at every portal. Several times the app has not started -I think -I don't know the screen was just black for 15 seconds so I restarted and restarted the app. A startup progress indication bar would give helpful information if the startup is working. All this startup mess takes several minutes which means I lost the fight already. Startup was NEVER an issue with Redacted I think it started in 3-7 seconds max. Work with cache and you don't need to load the whole world and every picture to start the app, most data can be loaded after the app is started. And why do I need a message not to play Ingress in dangerous areas every time I start the app? What I need is a 5 second startup and max 2 seconds to make my link. I can read the ToS where not to play or do a basic training.
  • The text showing the names of the linkable portals possible is too small on a small phone screen on the field. Just take a look on the iphone SE layout. The most important info on the link screen (the name of the portal) is at the very bottom of the screen extremely small, if it even shows ... often I get an error message instead of the name. Too small text was never an issue with the Redacted app, it automatically adjusted the font size depending on screen size right? The text was always readable. The portal name on the key is the relevant information not the portal picture. The picture is too small anyway in the link screen an a small screen. Take a look yourself. An option to totally turn off loading portal key pictures would boost performance significantly for all players all over the world, Who needs portal pictures in comm really? Let me as the user decide if I need it myself, this could help playing in low service areas.

As an addon to my user profile on this forum, I could enter gaming data (voluntarily of course) such as "player since" (year) and "scanner" (phone and model) the cell I play in ... -useful information for You when reading our comments.

Ingress is really a special game, personally I think one of the best games ever invented in gaming history.

But I preferred the retro Redacted look personally.

So much! I have visual problems with the color purple. I need to use an iPhone built in color blindness filter now when playing Ingress. I never had any problems with Redacted.

I miss the redacted platform stability, no alarm latency(you could ALWAYS trust them), low phone footprint(graphics, cpu, memory), low net footprint(bad service areas, delayed picture loading), text readability, item visibility (color/contrast),

all of which we call Quality attributes in Software Development.

Bring' em back please! We know it can be better, we have lived it!

Take care in Corona times, all of You!

Thanks for a great game!

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  • jontebulajontebula ✭✭✭✭

    I totaly agree and hope @NianticBrian @NianticCasey spend lots of time to help us. Know Niantic only spend time on avats or new subscription and dream and think on money not the stability of app connection and all you talk about.

    Links dont works now when we have lots of keys and lots of ghost fields and links dont remove after agents **** down portal/portals. I hope see Niantic stop working on new foture and spend all the time now on only stability of the app and new severs.

  • This is an American game. In America, if someone trespasses, and the landowner discovers that the trespasser was playing Niantic's game, the landowner might sue Niantic. If Niantic doesn't clearly tell players not to trespass, they may be considered to encourage trespassing and be held responsible for it.

  • Yep. The startup warning exists for the same reason bags of peanuts have a label on them saying "WARNING: CONTAINS PEANUTS"

  • 1valdis1valdis ✭✭✭✭
    edited May 22

    If there are dumb laws or illogical courts in America, why should agents of whole world suffer? Let the popup appear in USA only and that's it!

  • jontebulajontebula ✭✭✭✭

    They can have it on start picture when we see Ingress log and Ingress Prime.

  • GersterwindGersterwind ✭✭✭

    What we need is Redacted.

    Everybody keeps saying "oh, just give prime a little more time and it'll be there." No, it won't. They've had two years to develop it into anything stable. Comms is still hosed. Compass now requires a magnetometer even though pokemon go compass works fine without it. If prime could work it should work by now. The platform is inherently flawed for ingress.

    Prime was supposed to update the game, bring in new features, and attract new players. It hasn't. It can't. We're still fighting for old features and functionality. Developers have had more time to muddle around with prime than i had playing redacted, and nothing i've asked about has been fixed.

    Make a platform for redacted. That will solve all our parity requests in one go.

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    but redacted is dead and so is robovmm that it was built on..

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