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Due to all this strange situation that we are experiencing, all the events that were planned have had to be canceled, but we have been able to participate in the Ingres First Saturdays from home virtually. I want to explain an idea so we can do the same with the Hexathlon or be part of a bigger idea for an anomaly.

I have called it Virtual Hexathlon.

It would all start with different registration websites for cities with Virtual Hexathlon. Each agent could only join one of them.

The day of the event, an email with an encrypted code that must be resolved and redeemed (one use only) is sent to registered agents. This code would give you a key to the Virtual Hexathlon registration portal. This key could not be shared and could disappear from inventory once the event is over.

Once the key is obtained, you can access the portal remotely. Then you could recharge the portal (if it's claimed by your faction) and hack it always with glyphs. In this way, the registration of the agents who are actually participating is obtained, either through the redeemable code or the hacking of the registration portal.

From then on, you would focus on Hexathlon objectives that would be to recharge portals, hack portals, make glyphs, get media collections and solve puzzles.

For this, it is not necessary to leave home, it would be enough to use the keys of the portals. When accessing the portals remotely, it would give you the option to recharge and hack with glyphs. In this way statistics of hacks, well-made glyphs or even series of well-made glyphs are obtained.

As a result of these hacks, they will give you cubes to recharge and different media. Some media are to get points for having the entire collection, that is, get the 6 media with a triangle shape of different colors, or the 6 media with different shapes but of the same color, or artifacts or whatever you can think of. And other media, are codes to decipher and redeemable. In this way you could have statistics of the complete collections and the resolved codes.

Also related to the first code to resolve, which is the one that gives you the key to the registration portal, it could be done that when 80% of the agents registered on the web have solved and redeemed it, a second email is sent with a more complicated puzzle to obtain a higher level decoding ranking.

I hope it would be an interesting proposal and be taken into account to organize Virtual Hexathlon.


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  • I think there is a much less complicated method if Niantic wants to do a Hexathlon @ Home. All you would have to do is announce the date and time, get the stats and let people play, it would be no different from normal hexathlons except that people wouldn't have to travel to a certain place. Problem: currently there are different situations all over the world because of the pandemic, so it would be limited to stats like XM Recharged, XM Collected or Wayfarer Points because everything else requires players to go out.

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    Hope to see something besides first saturday @ home... i hope virtual mission day and hexathlons or something.. anything to offer something to do global during corona times...

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