[Question] Is it appropriate to be held IFS in the place where has territorial dispute?

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I found that at least one place where has territorial dispute is listed in June virtual IFS.

I don't ask you which country the place belongs to.

Don't appeal it.

Just asking it's appropriate for ingress community or not.

If not, the IFS at that place has to be canceled, I think, but what do you think?

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  • abshaabsha ✭✭

    It's virtual ifs , we don't care about the place ,

    no need to argue about place for something who will be only in vidéo conférence ^^

  • 3car3car ✭✭✭
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    I signed in because of that dispute.

    No appeals, agreed.

    IFS organizers says that there should be 100 portals in 5km radius.

    I will appeal if IFS at Antarctica happens, because that's applying a sudden rule change only to one or more of the dispute area mentioned.

    tl;dr: Rules makes one of the known dispute area mentioned impossible. That rule will also include Antarctica.


    the IFS-UN head has seen this issue, and there will be re-organization of locations and political issues will be removed.

    I would like if that is explained in the open.

    Stay safe, fellow agents!

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  • Please see this point from the FS organisers rules:

     Ingress First Saturdays are events that aim to connect agents and foster community across nationalities, races, genders, ages, religions, and ideologies. Please respect that spirit. If IFS-UN Members find Organisers or other members of the community are working against the spirit of FS, they may nominate new organisers for the event, cancel the event completely, or in the worst cases, suspend people or cities from running an event.

  • EnmaEnma ✭✭

    I don't know much about IFS-UN, but if those members check the work against the spirit, please note that the place itself is the representative of particular nationalism or ideology in some case.

  • we try our best to consider all sides of a story and come to an agreeable solution for all.

    You can see the list of IFS-UN members at the bottom of the FS Organisers Guide page.

  • 3car3car ✭✭✭

    It is checked, by the IFS-UN, and one of the FS location in question is re-localized to another suitable place. As said above.

    Pinged you in-game to check your mission medals.

    Stay safe, and good day.

  • If I claim that Tokyo is another country's territory, is Tokyo a disputed area and FS cannot be held here? It is a big mistake to conclude that it is a disputed area in the opinion of some people, not by history and evidence.

  • EnmaEnma ✭✭

    I appreciate to the works that IFS-UN have done.

    And thank you for every responses to this topic.

    Some of these comments show that there is a dispute on the area, and now every agents knows that.

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