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[OOC] Story: Another Universe We Found

MegaSteeliXMegaSteeliX ✭✭✭
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O.S.: A mad imagination world where I tried to mix up Ingress and SCP Foundation world views together.

Nothing in this story is true & everything is not permitted by NIA or SCPF.

For some reason, I wrote about the SKP, and it may or maynot refer to the SCP in our views.

I didnt post this story to "Invastigate" cause its too mad and have not relation to current main storyline. As in the title, it's a totally OOC story.


We, the Material Geometry group, accidently were transported to another universe when invastigating the mutiuniverse. We named it the Foundation universe, or F-universe for short.

Unlike the three known universes (1218, Osiris, Nemesis), the starting point of science and technology is much earlier than the starting point of XM research in F-universe. The "Epiphany Night" incident was masked as an electromagnetic pulse eruption and used memory-clearing agents for irrelevant personnel, and the XM scanner was not leaked to the public as a game by accident.

Therefore, XM scattered in this world will never be absorbed by XM scanners and XM sensitive people-we usually called Ingress Agents-the accumulated XM-"exotic matter" will eventually attach to normal things and gradually change it nature.

Even the XM Portal itself is gradually changing the nature of the sculptures or other structures that people build here in this way.

Only a few people in the F-universe know about these items as "skips", but no one understands its essence.

—Except 13 sensitive and talented people, the former NIA researchers, the Magunus.

And their more well-known identity is the "Manager-O5".

They recruited researchers and established the "SKP Foundation" to "Secure, Kontrol, Protect" the so-called "skips", but no one knew about the existence of XM except themselves, even those researchers that were severely hierarchical and isolated from "O5" knew nothing about it.

They do not know why O5 will regularly inspect certain "skips", why some of O5's even live in "skips" or hold certain "skips".

Even if someone peeks into the corner, what is waiting for him will be the corresponding leveled memory clearance.

O5 firmly believes that if people do not know the existence of XM and Exogenous, they will not be too panic when Exogenous finally comes. They call this the "neglect agreements".

The information we got is attributed to the website established by an unknown person or some people (perhaps some of O5's), the SCP Foundation(http://www.scp-wiki.net/). They made the SKP Foundation's confidential documents public without reservation, so to cover up the SKP Foundation's true existence. Maybe this is "What you downloded is just a game" in F-universe?


  • MegaSteeliXMegaSteeliX ✭✭✭

    SKP-173 the statue and the original one

    SKP-173 is the first portal-affected statue they found. When the Magunus found it, it has absorbed too much XM and became "alive" and "aggressive". That's when they decided to form SKP Foundation.

  • MegaSteeliXMegaSteeliX ✭✭✭
    edited May 22

    SKP-963 the Portable Simularicum Maker

    SKP-963-1 currently seems to be "bundled" to SKP Foundation researcher Dr. Jack Bright. It turns a human-like living entity to a XM-simularicum of Dr.Bright while attached to them. Each simularicum shares Dr. Bright's all memories but keeps their oringinal shape.

    As the samilarity in geography, we believe that SKP-963-1 is somehow ran like a micro "Abaddon Chamber" in our universe:

    ,but we dont know how and who to made it.

    The Foundation, or the O5's, tried to clone another SKP-963(-2), and they ANNOUNCED they successed after a mount of falure. But we can't see anything to prove this.

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