Black Screen + Missing Account

Hey Ingress team,

5 of my friends are having issues since late last night / early morning this AM with their accounts. @diastelo @nodashinobi @blunartick @admralsnackbar and @Draiglas have all been experiencing the same bug. All have wiped their cache and app data, all have uninstalled and reinstalled, and many have tried multiple devices. Upon loading, they have sound, but have only a black screen. If they turn their GPS off, they get the "GPS Location not found" message, but seemingly can't get the actual game map to load. All are also having authentication issues with the Intel map. Furthermore, some, but not all, are not showing up when pinged in Comm by other agents. Intermittently, some have received the message upon loading "Error loading Ingress account data", but usual behavior is black screen.

None have received an email from NIAOps about the status of their account, but all have been encouraged to submit a ticket and use the chatbot support on the support page. Some resolution would be appreciated, they'd very much like to not lose Sojurner!

Thanks in advance



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