More Localised Anomalies?

aaronviannoaaronvianno ✭✭✭✭

How about this.

Announce 9-15 sites each series. Well spread out ones across the 3 larger zones. Do the whole pay for the badge as long as no work or assistance is required from agents.

Score each site based on attendance of the smaller faction. Eg. A site gets 50 Res & 50 enl, it's worth 1 pt. A site gets 150 Res & 50 enl, it's also worth 1 pt. A site gets 200 Res & 200 enl, it's worth 4 pts. If a site gets 10 Res & 50 enl, it's worth 0 points. And everyone checked in on ground gets the badge regardless of site attendance.

It'll keep anomalies within reach of more agents by requiring less travel, smaller per site attendances. At the same time you'll see bigger overall attendance and improved competitiveness with other otherwise large numbers being split up better. At this point you have enough data from FS & Hexathlons to figure 45-60 cities for rotation in each zone (Americas, EMEA & APAC) and the numbers they can get.

The Hexathlons are lame. You're not going to get people to bother about them. They're just not what Ingress is about. Even the badges for those are so weird (who gives a worse badge to the top participants?). If you want Ingress to survive you need more anomalies.


  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited May 2020

    Good ideas.... But it seems even long before corona they announce only 1 anomaly for the entire year so im not sure since all events are canceled until further notice due to covid 19.

    Maybe the new battle beacons mode that leaked a little info on fev games will be more like local mini anomalies Who knows??

  • silverkalisilverkali ✭✭✭

    Smaller, more localised anomalies may be better suited for the post Covid-19 world. People are going to be unable to travel to other countries when there is a 14 day quarantine period when they arrive.

  • milofargmilofarg ✭✭✭

    Hopefully, Niantic listens to the feedback regarding the new one anomaly only policy before they (again hopefully) announces the next series..

    First, the feedback wasn´t exactly overwhelmingly positive as it left a huge part of the player base without an anomaly to visit in 2020.

    Second, there were noticeable technical issues at the Umbra and Myriad anomalies that were related to allegedly load and performance. With only one anomaly, technical issues would again almost be guaranteed, as the number of agents would probably be very high and the load very intense.

    Third, when there were anomaly series, a part of the fun was to check on the status of the other cities, and the overall victory was a tally of all cities. It also gave the strategists the opportunity to deploy devices like Cassandras journal, the Darsana Lenses, and Hank Johnson´s special gifts.

    IMHO, for future anomalies, Niantic should consider say 5 anomalies in one series across the globe spread one week apart. It would give most agents a chance to visit at least one anomaly, while the hardcore players could visit more than one. With a small series, the anomaly season could be tied together in a narrative based in the Ingress lore.

  • KhatreKhatre ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hexathlons are awesome.

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    well those are more solo type of events. nothing thats u play as a team which u do on anomalies.... its a good extra thing to have but it will never replace anomalies. really..

  • Please bring back more in person events as Ingress is all about travelling, even if it can only be within our own countries for now!

    Domestic Hexathalon events and Mission Days within countries are perfect for the post COVID-19 situation. Can be organised with much less work than an Anomaly and with perhaps 3-4 events in a year, gives scope for agents to reconnect with other agents in their own country with the opportunity of local tourism support and of course uniques. Benefits smaller town/cities that also may never have had a multiplayer event in their area.

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