Nemesis Recruit and Osiris Niantic Project Recruitment Qualification Exam + Answer key

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All right everyone, class is in session! As announced a few days back, today we'll have exams.

As part of the TESSERA Round 11 - Optima & Devra Bogdanovich virtual live drop, agents needed to take an exam to receive the Tesserae. But even for investigators who are not following the Tessellation, the exam provided was a great way to refresh your knowledge of the Osiris and Nemesis node.

You can find the PDF with the exam below. There are 16 questions about Nemesis node and 16 questions about Osiris node. Do note however that there are 3 red herring questions per set that do not have a valid answer.

(This looks dodgy as heck, but blame Januslaboratium for the formatting of the link for the PDF.)

Take the test and validate your answers with the answer key below. No cheating through, only look at the key once you've finished your exam.

Have fun agents! Thanks to @Truthseeker, the Tethered Hand and everyone else who was needed to make the exam happen, and thanks to @Sjarlotte and everyone else of Operation: Essex for getting the answer key together.


Answer key:

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