May First Saturday milestones and updates for June

On Saturday, May 2nd, 20,247 Agents across 453 cities came together to join the first virtual First Saturday. This set an exciting new record in both attendance and registered cities, made possible by you. We also celebrate the amazing bond and creativity shared through the group photo collages, the stories shared, and activities organized.  Together you recharged a total of 5,089,374,048 XM! Thank you to Fev Games, local faction leaders, and Agents around the globe for making this a successful event and congratulations on this new milestone!

As we look forward to bringing another virtual First Saturday in June, there have been some updates made to the event requirements to provide a better experience for everyone. To catch up on the latest updates and to register for an event, visit Fev Games’ IngressFS@Home Guide page here.  

Below are just a fraction of the amazing group photo collages shared by Agents from around the globe:

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